The period after 45 years of age is challenging for most people. Be it work and family responsibilities or midlife stress, all just adds up to our worries. This can surely affect our health. Changes in lifestyle, healthy diet, regular exercise, and medications, as medically advised – all these can help us stay on track. But apart from these, the essential dietary supplements for 45 plus can have a greater impact on our health and life.

With increasing age and change of life phases, your body requirements too change. In some, the 45 plus period may also increase the risk of certain health disorders like osteoporosis, arthritis. At such times, the essential dietary supplements for 45 plus would provide the necessary nutrients in the required amounts. These may help lower the risk or manage certain health problems.

So, what types of dietary supplements are needed after 45 years?

Let us look at some of the most essential dietary supplements for 45 plus.

Vitamin D – Most people get vitamin D by regular exposure to sunlight. However, some may be deficient in it, which is often the case with aging people and women. Vitamin D can be added by taking vitamin D fortified milk, cereals, or by using supplements.

Calcium – Calcium works closely with vitamin D. Calcium supplements are advised, in post-menopausal women and elderly men to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

Vitamin B complex – This is one of the most essential dietary supplements for 45 plus. Low energy, hair loss, lack of concentration are common complaints in middle-aged people. Vitamin B complex can be just perfect to manage these.

Vitamin B12 – This is particularly needed to keep your nerves and red blood cells healthy. This can be obtained from leafy vegetables and organ meat. But if your vitamin B12 levels are low, supplements are usually advised.

Omega-3 – Omega 3 fatty acids too top the list of essential nutrients for 45 plus. Nuts, seeds, fish oils are considered as beneficial dietary supplements.

Apart from these main nutrients, there are other minerals and micro-nutrients essential for 45 plus. For example, magnesium, iron, selenium, zinc, etc. These are mostly included in multivitamins. You may also want to consider taking probiotics, antioxidants, herbal supplements as they are known to promote health and prevent diseases.

You may consult your physician and plan a healthy diet and routine with prescribed medicines and dietary supplements.

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