*The Emotional Wellbeing Helpline*
What is this all about?? Who is behind this ?? ..
I’m sure all these questions must be coming up and so many more so let’s debunk these and get to know what this innitive is all aboutThe EWB helpline is a pro bono initiative by budding psychologists who have come together, and felt the need to form this under the guidance of mental health field professionals.
It’s challenging times..we are under a pandemic and that very word causes the panic bells to ring in the back of our mind..!
So this is an empathic non judgmental space where you can open up and just talk what stresses you out because at some point we all need a little help and a tiny push towards positivity and wel being when the whole world seems to crumple in fear.

Now how does this affect our mental health isint panicking and stressing out obvious ???
Yes it is obvious as that is the way our body and mind react to situations, but can we do something about it ?
Absolutely !!!!!!!!! Did you know stress lowers the immunity in the body?..and at times like these we need to focus on improving our health which comes with improving our mental health and well being too !!!
Hence the helpline offers free services of tele counseling and spreading tips and tools to induce a better lifestyle and well being Amongst all
The social media pages on various platforms like facebook and Instagram do have heaps of information and knowledge inducing posts .. so let’s support each other up and do follow
Also talk it out …!

Call us on following numbers ……… 

Health Camp By Healthy45Plus on Sunday 24th Nov 2019 at Parmar Park Phase II, Wanowrie