Worried about aging spots? Trying out ways to look young? Finding hard to relax? All this is common in 45 plus. Welcome to midlife!
In midlife, you may find yourself stuck in relations, work and almost everything that comes your way. You may feel the pressure from all sides, bombarded with expectations, with no time left for yourself. It is common to feel a strong desire for a change – to be away from the routine – particularly the stress.
Midlife is the central period of your life. You have come a long way and there is a long way to go further. At 45, you are too young to be called old and too old to be called young. But trust me – if there is any period that you can cherish – it is your midlife. Indeed, midlife is your golden period – this is the time when you should think of yourself.

Midlife and You

Midlife is an era of responsibilities. During midlife, you are in the middle of your life and aspirations. Responsibilities are at their peak and so are your needs. Your daily routine is hectic with erratic work schedules and the need to perform is ever increasing. You often feel the need to assess your professional standing and social status. For some, the job becomes too difficult to handle, while some struggle for growth. Your financial needs are growing during this period – be it the EMI, education loans or utility bills – the numbers are always high!
You are in the middle of many things. Whether it is family and personal life or colleagues and professional. Midlife brings you in a position where you have growing children, with teenage tantrums and aging parents with possible ailments. You need to deal both the age groups with responsibility as both are equally delicate. Similarly, at work, people are working above and under you, again both equally challenging to manage. With such demanding situations around you, it is natural to feel the pressure.
Your emotional needs are also on the higher side during midlife. You may feel upset that you are no longer in your prime. This can shatter your confidence, create lack of self-worth and impact life and work.

Midlife – The golden period

Although your physical appearance may change during midlife, your emotional wellbeing can keep you young at heart always. Staying happy and healthy from within can make you feel young even with growing age.
You can make the most of this ‘not too young – not too old period’ by planning a healthy lifestyle. This is a golden period because there is a lot for you to do for yourself and your loved ones during this phase of life. To prevent midlife stress and to pave way for a healthy old age, midlife is the time when you work on your health goals and secure a healthy future.

Golden Years of Midlife – Stay young at heart

While you have had many struggles in your past, there are more waiting for you. But you can stand strong only when you have a strong will – the seeds of which can be sown now. Yes, your midlife is the time when you need to sit back and begin enjoying things around you. Be it your child’s progress or your successful presentation. Find the best out of everything.

Here are the most effective ways to stay happy and enjoy your golden years.

Assess yourself – Assess your work performance, life goals and work-life balance. Find your stressors, work on them. Consider taking up a course or learn by yourself to upgrade your skills at work. Learning something different is also a good idea – something that you have always wished for. People enjoy learning a music instrument, foreign language or any form of art.
Open up – While midlife problems call for solitude, staying aloof may not work. Instead, be social and spend some time with friends. Have a set of people whom you can talk to, open your heart and feel relieved. Talk to your spouse or other family members, particularly on issues that bother you. Communication is powerful tool – use it to your advantage.
Find ‘me-time’ – Having hobbies is great, you can always indulge yourself in reading, painting, cooking or music. But it is also ok to just relax in your leisure time or around the poolside and enjoy the nature. Make sure that your me-time is all yours doing anything that you love to do.
Be active – Physical activity is not only important to stay fit and protect your health but also to keep you busy in a healthy way. Being active releases stress, relieves fatigue and make you feel great. It boosts your confidence while you also feel strong and much in control of your situation. Sports, yoga, walking or household chores, anything can do – just follow it and see the difference!
Take care of yourself – The diagnosis of health conditions can create anxiety. Remember health problems or any other problems are a part of life. Avoid being over-stressed but take care of your health. Go for regular check-ups. Discuss health issues with your physician and follow medical advice. Take medicines and vaccinations, as appropriate.

Midlife is not just a golden period – it is a golden opportunity to take the right steps. Stop worrying and think about what makes you feel good. Your happiness is more important to stay sane and calm at this stage of life.

Dr Snehal Singh
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