The incidence of obesity is increasing worldwide and is hence considered a major public health concern. Obesity underlies the development of several metabolic complications including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and inflammation. Research on ways to slow the development of obesity have traditionally focused on dietary and lifestyle modifications such as restricting caloric intake and increasing physical activity.

People gain weight by consuming more calories than they burn, so consuming fewer calories, Lifestyle modification, healthy eating habits, being active can help. However other factors also play an essential role in weight reduction like genetic factors, BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), hormones etc.

An area that has recently aroused considerable research interest is investigating the potential role of spices, particularly the Asian spice turmeric, for combating obesity. Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric. Evidence suggests curcumin may regulate lipid metabolism, which plays a central role in the development of obesity and its complications.

 Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant mechanisms can alter signals at the cellular level and help avoid untimely health issues. Not only does it prevent insulin resistance mechanisms and other metabolic conditions related to obesity such as high cholesterol levels, but it also protects from untimely heart diseases and stroke.

Curcumin reduces inflammation – 

Obesity is known to be a pro-inflammatory condition and studies have been done that concluded that Curcumin directly interacts with cells to reduce inflammation and during this process, it helps in a reversal of insulin resistance, hyperglycemia and other symptoms that often accompany obesity.

Curcumin promotes thermogenesis –

In the process referred to as thermogenesis, fat gets burnt by the central nervous system in order to maintain body temperature. Curcumin helps increase thermogenesis rate which then leads to greater amount of fat getting burnt and thus encouraging weight loss.

Curcumin helps with liver detoxification –

Liver plays an important role in fat metabolism which in turn is very important in weight loss. Turmeric helps detoxify the liver and reverse cellular damage or scarring of the liver. Better functioning of the liver helps gets rid of excessive fats.

Curcumin inhibits the growth of fat tissue –

In our bodies, adipose tissues are responsible for the storage of fat cells and these adipose tissues get nutrients and oxygen through a process called angiogenesis. Curcumin has antigenic properties and thus helps inhibit fat tissue growth, and thus promoting weight loss.

 Recent studies shows that Curcumin administration increased weight loss from 1.88 to 4.91%, enhanced percentage reduction of body fat (from 0.70 to 8.43%), increased waistline reduction (from 2.36 to 4.14%), improved hip circumference reduction from 0.74 to 2.51% and enhanced reduction of BMI (from 2.10 to 6.43%) .

“With the fast-paced lifestyle we lead, a lot of times it becomes difficult for us to work-out and manage our weight; over a period we end up putting on a lot of weight and fighting it becomes difficult which then leads to other health concerns. Curcumin is a natural healthy source and consuming it regularly helps us manage our health and controls our weight. However, it is not possible for us to intake the required amount in our day to day diet. So one can consider supplements.”


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