The year 2020 has commenced with lots of stories on the novel Corona virus. Every day we are watching it over different sources of media which are flooded with information on the same. This now has turned into one of the worst pandemics world has ever seen. The current situation is much haphazard as an ambiguity in the potential cure for the disease exists.

India is now in the third position behind the US and Brazil in the daily increase of corona cases. Contrary to the global pattern of case fatality, in India people belonging to the younger and middle age are mostly affected. Research studies and surveys are indicating that it is not just the elder population who is at risk; our productive population is also facing a greater threat from this SARS COV 2. Globally the median age of people affected by COVID is 47 years. In India, the median age is slightly lower owing to the more people belonging to the younger age group than those above 70 years of age. Hence younger adults are likely to be more infected.

As per the news reports, a study conducted at the Indian Institute of Population Sciences, 50% of COVID deaths is seen in the age group 40-64 years. This is extremely contrary to the pattern observed in other countries where the majority of the deceased are belonging to the age above 70 years.

So what is making our productive population vulnerable to the virus infestation? It is the weaker immune response and higher prevalence of a cluster of disorders known as Metabolic syndrome in this age group. Metabolic syndrome involves Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, and resulting cardiovascular disease. India accounts for the majority of the diabetic population and is deemed as the diabetic capital of the world.

The experts are of opinion that people with Metabolic syndrome are more vulnerable to the COVID pandemic. These people show a delayed recovery from the disease. As per the study published in the Lancet, being obese restricts ventilation of the lungs, impairs immune response against the viruses, induce diabetes, and cause cardiovascular dysfunction.

Hypertension is another major risk factor in the current scenario. Studies have confirmed that one in three people are suffering from high blood pressure in India. So it’s a matter of thought that how a country where half of the population belonging to age below 50 is going to cope up with COVID when most of them are affected by one or more lifestyle diseases

The impact of age on the immune system is despicable. The immune system behaves differently in youngsters and older people. The function of the immune system declines as age advances. This phenomenon is particularly termed as Immunosenescence which leads to a higher incidence of auto-immune diseases, infections, and inflammation in the middle age and elderly. As the age advances some of the components of the immune system like T cells are depleted in number. By the age of 40 or 50, they drop to a considerable level, which makes them more prone to these microbes and other lifestyle disorders. B cells are responsible for the production and initiation of antibody response against the infection. They are also reduced considerably and hence do not produce sufficient antibodies to counteract the infection which explains in itself the severity of COVID in the middle-aged and elderly population.

In the absence of any treatment or vaccine for the disease, people had realized that the only ammunition that will help them to fight with the situation is a strong immune system. While maintaining a healthy balanced diet, exercise helps to strengthen your immune system, certain immunity boosters also help you to counteract the infections. A desperate chase for different ways boosting immunity has stopped us at CURCUMIN.

Curcumin is a highly potent immune booster rich in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It enhances and stimulates the action of every component of the immune system thus reduces the susceptibility and progression towards the Metabolic disorders. Also, it has great inhibitory action against the viruses. Research indicates that curcumin can modify the surface proteins in the virus and blocks the attachment of the virus to the cells. Also, it limits viral replication by interfering with the replication cycles of the virus and prevents infection. Thus definitely our middle-age population can rely on curcumin as an immune-boosting agent along with other means.

Thus COVID 19 has made us realize that Health is a top priority. He who stays fit is good to go for the long run in life. The stronger immune system is a criterion of fitness. So now we are chasing different ways to boost immunity. It is not achieved just in a day’s time. It is a wakeup call for youngsters and adults. Along with hand sanitizers, masks, and social distancing, efforts should be given to prevent and control the occurrence of lifestyle disorders by adopting a healthy way of living and enhancing your immunity by right means.

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